Bohemian Shepherd

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The Bohemian Shepherd is a breed of dog also known as the Chodsk√Ĺ pes or the Chodenhund. The Bohemian Shepherd is recognized nationally in Czech Republic but is not recognized by the FCI or any other major kennel club.



The Bohemian Shepherd has a medium size and length (48-55 cm (19 to 22 inches) in height and weigh about 15-25 kg (35-55 lbs)). Long thick fur and a rich undercoat that allows him to survive in harsh weathers. The body is compact and well proportioned with High set, small, pointed, erect ears and a long elegant neckline. A fluid, light and unhurried gait is one of the typical characteristics of this breed.


This is an ideal dog for someone who is very active, this breed has lots of energy, is not aggressive, can be easily trained, and is excellent with children and other pets. Its great agility and a keen sense of smell make it a very good rescue dog, a great companion for handicapped people and an outstanding watch dog. This breed has a stable, calm and friendly temperament that allows it to be good with the owner, his family and specially with children.

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