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The Chilean Terrier is the first breed dog from Chile. The breed dates back to the late 19th century, resulting from the crossing of the Fox Terrier and other breeds that existed before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The Chilean Association of Dog Breeders and Exhibitors (ACEPE, A.G.) has been working on a project that aims to have Chilean Terriers be the first officially recognized Chilean breed, organizing specialized samples, implementing an identification system, and forming a study team.

For some time it has been included in the group 11 by the Kennel Club of Chile (KCC), but has not yet been officially recognized by the FCI. Since 2011, the race belongs to the group 3 of Alianz Canine Worldwide (ACW).


Its main color is white, which is accompanied by black and brown markings. It is a short-haired undercoat that sometimes hints at some dark spots visible through the white mantle. The ears are set high with a forward-leaning as a "V" tip. It has a well-developed teeth and bite. Males have a height of between 32 and 38 cm tall at the withers, the ideal height being 35 cm. Females have a height of between 28 and 35 cm tall at the withers, being the ideal height of 32 cm males weigh between 5 and 8 kg, ideal weight is 6.5 kilos. females weigh between 4 and 7 kg, and the ideal weight is 5.5 kg.


The Chilean Fox Terrier is easy to train, active, affective, and one of the healthiest and cleanest dog breeds.

Famous Chilean Fox Terriers

A famous Chilean Fox Terrier is Washington (from the comic "Condorito"), Condorito's dog. Even though it was only recognised internationally in 2011 by the ACW (Alianz Canine Worldwide), there have been several Chilean Terrier exhibitions in Chile for many years, and now the breed is selling through internet pages all along Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, and other South American countries

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