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The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare breed of dog native to the Chongqing city of China. In its early years, it was used for hunting wild boar and rabbits, but it is now used in China to protect families and belongings. They are an ancient, natural breed said to have existed for 2,000 years since the time of the Han Dynasty in Ancient China. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the breed's numbers were greatly reduced, and only people in rural communities still kept it; the breed is still rare, even in China.


The Chongqing dog may be protective of its family and owners, but if a stranger to the dog is kind and the owner is present, the dog will grow to respect it. They are usually a good family companion. However, these dogs are said to be wary of unknown strangers, and if it senses fear, it will prepare for action and attack if any false moves or suspicious actions are made.

Appearance and sizes

There are three sizes of Chongqing Dog. The breed can hunt alone or in a pack.

The Chongqing Dog is divided into three categories according to body size: small, medium, and large. They have a uniform standard. Chongqing dogs are mountain hunters each according to local climate, topography, different prey, the results obtained and breeding, which of course also includes certain factors of natural selection. Therefore, the three strains of dogs vary in height, skeleton, head shape and shape of mouth.

The appearance of a medium-sized Chongqing Dog is that of a sturdy, compact body, lean, muscular and highly explosive. The unique characteristics of the species in the world giving a lasting impression. Passionate, confident. Fearless demeanor, showing their bravery and loyalty side. Overall gives a crisp, dignified, thoughtful, alertness and of elegance as well.


Small warren dog in Chongqing, also known as a mountain dog, is small in stature, muscular, explosive strength, excellent sense of smell, and world-class endurance. Hind legs slightly higher than the forelimbs, torso slightly forward, light and agile gait, dogs and bitches have fiery lightning attack speed as well as being a warren dog. As the name suggests, warren-because of its small stature-it is flexible enough to get into warrens and dig holes into the ground of the mountains; also known as the Mountain hunting dog .

Its working capacity makes it suitable for digging holes and hunting prey mainly rabbits, woodchuck and other prey found in caves. It has a hardy thick coat, thorny to the touch, rusty red in color; dark brown is common.

·         Male: Height 35 cm (14 in); weight 14 kg (31 lb) or less
·         Female: Height 30 cm (12 in) or less, weight 12 kg (26 lb) or less
·         Neck length: about 8–10 cm (3.1–3.9 in)
·         Trunk length: about 30–35 cm (12–14 in)
·         Tail length: about 15–18 cm (5.9–7.1 in)


This size is also called the medium bamboo dog. It features a broad mouth, sturdy frame, muscular and strong, with a very good sense of smell. It hunts well in the foothills of the bush and chases prey in the thick bush. Its prey are often badgers and foxes.

Its sparsely coat is chunky, tough and dense, with a thorny touch. Colour varies from the common dark brown to rust red, yellow, straw yellow, and the rare black. Its fur is more dense than the other sizes.


·         Male: Height 35–45 cm (14–18 in); weight 14–25 kg (31–55 lb) or less
·         Female: Height 30–40 cm (12–16 in) or less, weight 12–20 kg (26–44 lb) or less
·         Neck length: about 10–12 cm (3.9–4.7 in)
·         Trunk length: about 45–50 cm (18–20 in)
·         Tail length: about 18–20 cm (7.1–7.9 in)


The Large Chongqing Dog is a stalwart figure, muscular, with explosive strength, speed, endurance and a world-class sense of smell. It traditionally worked in either open or mountainous landscape and forests, utilizing it speed to catch its prey (mainly boar, goats, deer).

Its coat is rough, thorny, and sparse. Rare leathery hair, glossy, in places hairless, back, abdominal ribs, legs, tail without much hair, skin can be seen. During puppyhood they are mostly yellow and black, feet and ears and partial coat are yellow, the rest of the coat is black, the growth process will moult color, yellow and red after the adult body hair and thin. Generally like the color of rusty copper. Conducive to wind-dispersing heat. Suitable for slightly, open forest, mountain and high speed hunting.


·         Male: Height 45 cm (18 in); weight 25 kg (55 lb) or less
·         Female: Height 40 cm (16 in) or less, weight 20 kg (44 lb) or less
·         Neck length: about 12–14 cm (4.7–5.5 in)
·         Trunk length: about 45–55 cm (18–22 in)
·         Tail length : about 20–25 cm (7.9–9.8 in)


No known major health problems occur in this breed, because there has been no inbreeding. However, because of the thin coat, some individual dogs develop skin problems. The life expectancy is 18 years for both males and females. No specific grooming is required, as this is a short-haired breed that is not shown.

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