Cierny Sery

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The Cierny Sery has a thin, double, coat that was designed to not inhibit the dog's working ability in any way. The texture is hard and dense. The undercoat is thick and profuse.

Cierny Series appear in 3 types. Short Cierny Series have double coats. Long Cierny Series have double coats, with longer coats on ears, legs, and tails. Rough Cierny Series have a rough double coat, with a moustache and barb on his chops.


The primary ancestor of the Cierny Sery is said to be the Altdeutsche Hütehund (Old German Sheepdog), but this Slovak (not German) dog breed was actually developed by crossing Belgian Sheepdogs with Altdeutsche Hütehund, starting in 1981. Internationally was accepted short type in 2001 and less 2 type of this breed was in 2009 by UCI e.V.

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